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*heavy sigh*
recent fail 
15th-Jun-2018 10:51 am - deleting my lj
0 - My Stupid Hand
__Deleting This Journal__

i have had this account here at lj for over a decade, i started as jaded_jamie and later became lifefailsme. i thought it would set a date to delete, in case old friends pop by or whatever & i also wanted to leave my contact info.

i will delete this account in about 2 months of this post, around the 14th Jan 2019

______©ontact .nfo______

my url

Life Fails dot Me...

[ { LifeFails.me } ]

wherever i am online at the time that link will lead to me.

my twittery thing

i only do online nowadays on my twittery thing… (& i mostly fail at that tbh)... my username is: LifeFailsJamie

(my tweets are private & i follow a very limited number of people.

email is... Jamie@LifeFails.me

If were ever knew each other pls get in touch if you ever want to. i'd honestly like that.

☢ you arrived @ my fail @ 1:38 am on Dec 13th 2018 ☢